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Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College)
Assessment Policy

The purpose of assessment at Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College) is to provide information on student learning, to improve student learning, and to contribute to the efficacy of learning programmes. Assessment is the ongoing process of gathering evidence for and of learning. This evidence will be used to give recognition and timely feedback to the learners and all other stake holders. Assessment will reflect best practice that supports the learner and the teacher in the promotion of student achievement.

Formative assessment policy

Formative assessment provides information that is used in order to plan the next stage in learning. It is interwoven with learning, and helps teachers and students to find out what the students already know and can do. Formative assessment and teaching are directly linked and function purposefully together. It aims to promote learning by giving regular and frequent feedback throughout the learning process. This process helps learners to improve knowledge and understanding, to foster self-motivation and enthusiasm for learning, to engage in thoughtful reflection, to develop the capacity for self-assessment, and to recognize the criteria for success. There is evidence that increased use of formative assessment particularly helps those students who are low achievers to make significant improvements in their understanding.

A.  Types of Items and weighting of continuous assessment

     The items can be:

  • Pre-study.

  • Performance during the lessons (e.g. discussions, presentations, raising and answering questions and engagement).

  • Performance in Homework and Projects.

  • Dictations and quizzes.

B. Formative assessment as General Performance marks


1st Term %

2nd Term %

Subjects with Term Test & Exam



Subjects without Term Test & Exam (STEM, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, Computer Literacy, Food & Health Science and STEAM)



Summative assessment policy

Summative assessment aims to give teachers and students a clear insight into students’ understanding. It is the culmination of the teaching and learning process, and gives the students opportunities to demonstrate what has been learned. It can assess several elements simultaneously: it informs and leads to improvement in student learning and the teaching process; it measures understanding of the central idea, and prompts students towards action.

A. Types and number of tests and exams


1st Term %

2nd Term %


1st Term Test (Oct/Nov)

1st Exam

2nd Term Test (Mar/Apr)

Final Exam


Mock Exam (Feb/Mar)



Reporting on assessment at Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College) includes communicating what students know, understand and can do. Reporting involves parents, students and teachers as partners and is honest, comprehensive and understandable to all parties.

Reporting to parents, students and teachers occurs through:

  • Parents’ Night after each Term Test

  • Parent-Teacher Interview Day in February

  • Regular phone-calls and meetings with parents when necessary

Student Report Card with Student Profile serves as a record of student performance in all aspects including “Academic Attainment”, students’ performance in the “Extra-curricular Activities “, “Awards and Punishments, and “Class Teachers’ Comments”.

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