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At HW2, we are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where every student is empowered to achieve academic excellence. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse educational needs of our student body, ensuring that all students, irrespective of their background, have the opportunity to thrive.

Project WISER

Project WISER consists of a series of project works in different subject areas, which aims to connect students’ knowledge to the contexts of its application.

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Our forward-thinking STREAM curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity, foster innovation, and prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Food & Health Science

At HW2, our Food and Health Science program delves into the essential relationship between nutrition, well-being, and the science behind food. 

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Subjects Offered

HW2 is offering a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that caters to the varied interests and aspirations of our students.

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Homework Policy

At HW2, we believe homework is a vital extension of classroom learning. Our homework policy is designed to reinforce academic concepts, foster independent study habits.


Assessment Policy

HW2 is dedicated to fostering an educational environment where assessments are a positive and integral part of the learning process. 

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