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STREAM Education
In response to the changing needs in our society and the rapid economic, scientific and technological development, our school is promoting STEM education actively in recent years, and hence equipping our students with the capability to meet all the changes and challenges in society and around the world. In Junior Forms, we set up School Based STEM Curriculum to let students develop their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in a pleasant environment through experiential learning. In Senior Forms, we added the "R" (Reading) and "A" (Art) elements to increase students' interests in learning science, technology and mathematics.

1. To provide opportunities for students to engage in interdisciplinary learning through the implementation of the school-based STREAM programme to develop their generic ability to synthesize and apply knowledge and skills;
2. Through experiential learning and group activities, consolidate students' understanding of knowledge, cultivate their cooperation ability, and explore their interest in learning STREAM subjects;
3. Committed to cultivating students' "design thinking", guiding students to actively explore the deficiencies and needs of the living environment, and then systematically analyze and solve problems, improve students' creativity, problem-solving ability and life skills;
4. Make good use of STEM Lab to provide students with different types of STREAM courses to improve their learning efficiency.

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