Principal's Message 2021-2022


Soon cometh the first of September and the start of another academic year, I sit in my room, before high-piled files, trying to recollect the very moments I have had the previous year. During my four years in office to the school which I proudly serve, I have witnessed the comings and goings of many students, whose faces are as though freshly painted in my mind. I have seen many who had reached goals they set out to achieve, lived up to their expectations or even outgrown their potentials.  I still remember a graduate came up to me, right after the release of DSE results, saying, “you’ve shown me a world which I couldn’t imagine”. Parents shared with me about their feelings, saying, “thank you very much for nurturing our children with love & care and providing them with different opportunities during their growth.”

In HW2, I always challenge my colleagues to think and plan steps ahead, before the thoughts of students have materialized: “oh I actually wanted this”, “I didn’t know I would need this”, rather than stopping at merely delivering what the students have ordered at the heat of the moment. To that, I owe my heartfelt gratitude to my young but energetic and caring teaching team, who has explored every avenue in realizing such educational ideal.

In fact, the DSE results this year is evident of the effectiveness of our approach to teaching and nurturing young talents and has given us a cause of celebration. The first batch of new secondary school graduates has passed the public exam with flying colours, in which we take encouragement as they depart for pastures new in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. A few notable mentions are Abbas Ifra Shahid (6A) and Yu Hui Chuan (6B), who have been admitted to the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study Journalism and Science respectively.

The year of 2021-22 will be a year of consolidation, of the progress made, and one for advancements. While our children are having their summer vacation, renovation works have been under way to cater for more students and provide a more comfortable environment. Two rooms specifically have been redesigned and allocated to allow a higher extent of STEM and PE development.

IMG_2286 2.jpg

The good receptions of our experiential learning and cross-subject projects have also led us to redesign our curriculum. As we feel a more comprehensive approach to STEM subjects would be more beneficial to our students, the panel is subsequently renamed to STREAM, which is going to provide more exposure upon arts and reading of science articles. Timely updates to our academic provision include also the introduction of a new subject, Food and Health Science, which has implications and relevance in our daily lives.

Here’s to all parents, students or any like-minds, you are all cordially invited to visit us at our school anytime, for a chat, for a tour, anything. The doors are always open. We look forward to meeting you and to forging a unique bond for a brighter future of our children.

Ms Tse Chun Yin