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Principal's Message 2021-2022


Soon cometh the first of September and the start of another academic year, I sit in my room, before high-piled files, trying to recollect the very moments I have had the previous year. During my four years in office to the school which I proudly serve, I have witnessed the comings and goings of many students, whose faces are as though freshly painted in my mind. I have seen many who had reached goals they set out to achieve, lived up to their expectations or even outgrown their potentials.  I still remember a graduate came up to me, right after the release of DSE results, saying, “you’ve shown me a world which I couldn’t imagine”. Parents shared with me about their feelings, saying, “thank you very much for nurturing our children with love & care and providing them with different opportunities during their growth.”

In HW2, I always challenge my colleagues to think and plan steps ahead, before the thoughts of students have materialized: “oh I actually wanted this”, “I didn’t know I would need this”, rather than stopping at merely delivering what the students have ordered at the heat of the moment. To that, I owe my heartfelt gratitude to my young but energetic and caring teaching team, who has explored every avenue in realizing such educational ideal.

In fact, the DSE results this year is evident of the effectiveness of our approach to teaching and nurturing young talents and has given us a cause of celebration. The first batch of new secondary school graduates has passed the public exam with flying colours, in which we take encouragement as they depart for pastures new in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. A few notable mentions are Abbas Ifra Shahid (6A) and Yu Hui Chuan (6B), who have been admitted to the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study Journalism and Science respectively.

The year of 2021-22 will be a year of consolidation, of the progress made, and one for advancements. While our children are having their summer vacation, renovation works have been under way to cater for more students and provide a more comfortable environment. Two rooms specifically have been redesigned and allocated to allow a higher extent of STEM and PE development.

IMG_2286 2.jpg

The good receptions of our experiential learning and cross-subject projects have also led us to redesign our curriculum. As we feel a more comprehensive approach to STEM subjects would be more beneficial to our students, the panel is subsequently renamed to STREAM, which is going to provide more exposure upon arts and reading of science articles. Timely updates to our academic provision include also the introduction of a new subject, Food and Health Science, which has implications and relevance in our daily lives.

Here’s to all parents, students or any like-minds, you are all cordially invited to visit us at our school anytime, for a chat, for a tour, anything. The doors are always open. We look forward to meeting you and to forging a unique bond for a brighter future of our children.

Ms Tse Chun Yin



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Principal's Message 2020-2021

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” it was with this belief that I assumed office two years ago. For my colleagues and I too uphold the virtue of dedication, that pupils reap what they sow, and at the same time reject the notion that learning is almost always accompanied by suffering, that students cannot learn without pain and other convenient excuses.

As an educator and a parent myself, I have pledged to make changes for the better. Since then, I have endeavoured to foster a favourable environment, adopt enlightened policies and instil a love of learning into my students.

We have allowed our students to learn better through project-based learning and cross-curriculum activities in the junior form, and scaffolding in the senior form – dividing classroom materials into layers, each of which best suited to the abilities of different students, and moving them progressively towards stronger understanding. Also, the forming of favourable habits, for example, reading and self-reflection, which they can continue throughout the rest of their lives are important learning elements during the teenage development of our students.


Apart from improving levels of academic attainment, we also take good care of their health and attend to their needs. In junior secondary, students are to take part in schemes that develop their financial literacy and resilience in the face of uncertainties. As they approach their graduating year, our teachers are guiding them to explore their future pathways with the help and support from the Education Bureau, different tertiary institutes, non-governmental organizations and business corporations in order to provide as much information and experience as possible for our students.

This year, however, has been very different for us. Waves of unease have swept over our school as we face social upheaval and coronavirus. I still remember the look of concern on the faces of our students. Class suspension has been instated and students are kept apart to keep all safe. Yet education is not to be halted; indeed, it is needed as much as ever. Thus, the mode of learning has been shifted immediately from face-to-face to an online one. Students are ensured that proper e-learning can be done at home with the provision of tablets and SIM cards and the relevant technical support from the School.


The challenges have allowed us to grow stronger together as a community. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my colleagues who have demonstrated dedication and professionalism of the highest order. They have done a fantastic job at facilitating academic and social exchange between students residing in different countries and as a steady guide, keeping their worries at bay.

Our school prides itself for being open and listening. Entrusted with the heavy task of nurturing future talents, we hold dear the importance of setting aside differences and coming together in the spirit of friendship and love, so we can best serve the interests of our students.


And so, I wish you all a very peaceful and fruitful year ahead.

Ms Tse Chun Yin



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"We believe that teaching and learning should not be just confined in classrooms"

Starting from 1st September 2018, our school’s name has been changed from Delia Memorial School (Matteo Ricci) to Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College). I am honoured to be the Principal of Delia (HW2) and it was also a good chance for me and our colleagues to work together for bringing new initiatives to the School. First of all, we believe that teaching and learning should not be just confined in classrooms; instead, we advocate experiential learning strategies in our curriculum as we believe that students learn the best when they have the chance to taste trial and error, master their own learning progress, and most importantly,

Welcome to Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No. 2 College). As the new principal of Hip Wo No.2 College, though I have been working here only from September 2018, I am happy to share with all of you that I am really lucky and grateful to have met my students and colleagues here, who have been so kind, cheerful and supportive to each other.

Principal's Message 2019-2020


reflect and build up on what they have learnt. The implementation of cross-curricular collaboration helps our students achieve different learning experiences and develop & practise their generic skills. Our new timetable also allows us to give many opportunities of life-wide learning and life-planning & career experiences for our students. The numerous Wednesday afternoon activities and Other Learning Experiences organized for our students have been enriching the school life of our students, making their studies more meaningful and practical. Study tours to different parts of the world such as Shanghai, Taiwan and Japan were organized in the last few months for our students to gain life skills and widen their horizons.

Starting from September 2019, our Science and Mathematics teachers have been taking part in the STEM Education School-based Support Programme, organized by the Curriculum Development Council, and our teachers’ sharing of their professional experiences in the STEM education learning community has not only received positive feedback and appreciation, but also improved our students’ interests and learning in this aspect. The use of mobile learning devices in our daily teaching and learning activities helps arouse students’ interests and sustain their learning motivation. We believe the development of STEM & IT education in our curriculum can definitely help improve humans’ life in the future.


Apart from the above, strengthening values education for our next generation is one of our major concerns. Working together with the University of Hong Kong for the Project of Quality Education Fund Thematic Network on Promoting Wellness in School, we have systematically implemented a formal curriculum of values education for our students. It is important to cultivate positive education towards ourselves and for our students. Meanwhile, adequate support and professional guidance from our teachers, together with our team of social workers and our educational psychologist, is also given to our students with different education needs. The caring and supportive learning atmosphere is definitely an environment which can immerse our students with love, care and passion for their physical, mental and psychological growth and development.

The year of 2019 has gone and there were so many unexpected incidents during that year. Let us all learn from what we can gain and conclude in the experience of 2019 and plan for a better future ahead. As I mention above, we can overcome different difficulties if we can stay positive and grateful all the time.

Ms Tse Chun Yin


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Principal's Message 2018-2019

Welcome to Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No. 2 College). As the new principal of the School, I am glad to say that our School is a place to nurture people, to guide students to set their own goals in life, to help students find and realize their dreams, to prepare students to contribute themselves to our society. One can only achieve all these by life-long learning. There are no failures in life, only learning opportunities.


Starting from the academic year 2018/19, there are a number of new initiatives to be implemented at the School. For instance, experiential learning for students, in particular in junior forms, will be adopted as learning is at best when learners have the desire to learn and try on their own. The process of learning through experience and learning through their own reflection of what they have done is of utmost importance to motivate them to keep learning. In that sense, learners clearly know what they have grasped and are willing to progress and reach their next targets. The use of the afternoon every Wednesday from 2:15 pm onwards is another highlight of providing life-wide learning activities for our students. One cannot deny that learning should not be confined by walls. Instead, the beauty of learning lies in learning everywhere at any time. Apart from these, we believe that life-planning and career guidance activities are essential for our students. While junior forms’ students have all these scheduled in their class teacher periods and assemblies, we have set aside biweekly OLE periods for senior forms’ students so that more workshops from different organizations and companies and individual guidance & counselling services related to students’ further studies and career choices can be provided. Last but not least, a variety of outing and field trip activities will be arranged to provide students with leadership skills and learning experiences outside their everyday studies and activities. Scholarships and overseas study tours will also be provided for our students so as to widen their horizons and enrich their life experiences.

We strongly believe that parents, teachers and students have to work together closely before we can achieve all these. Frequent collaboration and communication among all of us are indispensable. Apart from the usual practice of communication with parents, we will also have meetings with parents after each term tests. The meetings serve as very good channels for us to review our work with students and plan for their next step in the future. Besides, parents and students are encouraged to regularly check our website for the most updated information and read about our exciting academic and extra-curricular activities. We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years. Interested parents are encouraged to contact our school and to ask any questions you may have regarding our school and the programmes or activities we offer. We look forward to meeting and working together with you.

Ms Tse Chun Yin


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