Principal's Message 2020-2021

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” it was with this belief that I assumed office two years ago. For my colleagues and I too uphold the virtue of dedication, that pupils reap what they sow, and at the same time reject the notion that learning is almost always accompanied by suffering, that students cannot learn without pain and other convenient excuses.

As an educator and a parent myself, I have pledged to make changes for the better. Since then, I have endeavoured to foster a favourable environment, adopt enlightened policies and instil a love of learning into my students.

We have allowed our students to learn better through project-based learning and cross-curriculum activities in the junior form, and scaffolding in the senior form – dividing classroom materials into layers, each of which best suited to the abilities of different students, and moving them progressively towards stronger understanding. Also, the forming of favourable habits, for example, reading and self-reflection, which they can continue throughout the rest of their lives are important learning elements during the teenage development of our students.

Apart from improving levels of academic attainment, we also take good care of their health and attend to their needs. In junior secondary, students are to take part in schemes that develop their financial literacy and resilience in the face of uncertainties. As they approach their graduating year, our teachers are guiding them to explore their future pathways with the help and support from the Education Bureau, different tertiary institutes, non-governmental organizations and business corporations in order to provide as much information and experience as possible for our students.

This year, however, has been very different for us. Waves of unease have swept over our school as we face social upheaval and coronavirus. I still remember the look of concern on the faces of our students. Class suspension has been instated and students are kept apart to keep all safe. Yet education is not to be halted; indeed, it is needed as much as ever. Thus, the mode of learning has been shifted immediately from face-to-face to an online one. Students are ensured that proper e-learning can be done at home with the provision of tablets and SIM cards and the relevant technical support from the School.


The challenges have allowed us to grow stronger together as a community. My heartfelt gratitude goes to my colleagues who have demonstrated dedication and professionalism of the highest order. They have done a fantastic job at facilitating academic and social exchange between students residing in different countries and as a steady guide, keeping their worries at bay.

Our school prides itself for being open and listening. Entrusted with the heavy task of nurturing future talents, we hold dear the importance of setting aside differences and coming together in the spirit of friendship and love, so we can best serve the interests of our students.


And so, I wish you all a very peaceful and fruitful year ahead.

Ms Tse Chun Yin