Principal's Message 2018-2019

Welcome to Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No. 2 College). As the new principal of the School, I am glad to say that our School is a place to nurture people, to guide students to set their own goals in life, to help students find and realize their dreams, to prepare students to contribute themselves to our society. One can only achieve all these by life-long learning. There are no failures in life, only learning opportunities.


Starting from the academic year 2018/19, there are a number of new initiatives to be implemented at the School. For instance, experiential learning for students, in particular in junior forms, will be adopted as learning is at best when learners have the desire to learn and try on their own. The process of learning through experience and learning through their own reflection of what they have done is of utmost importance to motivate them to keep learning. In that sense, learners clearly know what they have grasped and are willing to progress and reach their next targets. The use of the afternoon every Wednesday from 2:15 pm onwards is another highlight of providing life-wide learning activities for our students. One cannot deny that learning should not be confined by walls. Instead, the beauty of learning lies in learning everywhere at any time. Apart from these, we believe that life-planning and career guidance activities are essential for our students. While junior forms’ students have all these scheduled in their class teacher periods and assemblies, we have set aside biweekly OLE periods for senior forms’ students so that more workshops from different organizations and companies and individual guidance & counselling services related to students’ further studies and career choices can be provided. Last but not least, a variety of outing and field trip activities will be arranged to provide students with leadership skills and learning experiences outside their everyday studies and activities. Scholarships and overseas study tours will also be provided for our students so as to widen their horizons and enrich their life experiences.

We strongly believe that parents, teachers and students have to work together closely before we can achieve all these. Frequent collaboration and communication among all of us are indispensable. Apart from the usual practice of communication with parents, we will also have meetings with parents after each term tests. The meetings serve as very good channels for us to review our work with students and plan for their next step in the future. Besides, parents and students are encouraged to regularly check our website for the most updated information and read about our exciting academic and extra-curricular activities. We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years. Interested parents are encouraged to contact our school and to ask any questions you may have regarding our school and the programmes or activities we offer. We look forward to meeting and working together with you.

Ms Tse Chun Yin