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Alumni Story


Name: Muhammad Khan

Graduation Year From HW2:  2013

University: The Sheffield Hallam University

Major: BSc (Hons) Sport Business Management

Delia Memorial School (HW2) has been a major part of my life. As a student, the school provided me every opportunity to express myself in every field. Especially, in developing my passion for sports. I was captain of the school’s cricket team and was fortunate enough to guide the team to achieve success in a quite short time. Delia Memorial School (HW2) provided me with opportunities to play for several school teams. This leads me to further develop my interest in sports and ultimately studying bachelor's degree In sports.  


On the other hand, my teachers have played a vital role in teaching the importance of being a constructive member of society. I was taught moral values which helped me become a better person. I feel extremely blessed to have taught from the finest teachers. Now, working in the school as a PE teacher, I believe in passing all the knowledge I learned to the new generation and help them find their paths

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