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Experiential learning:

Experiential learning is a method to let our students apply the theories learned in the classroom into practice. We believe it can help students build up links between the thinking and the doing, and have a deeper understanding of the concepts learned.

- Project WISER

In this scheme, our students have a chance to design a project in which they can apply their knowledge learned in the classroom into practice. Students present their project on Parents' Day to consolidate their learning.

- Intensive Career Activities

We collaborate with various organizations to organize hands-on career exploration activities that help students identify and reflect on careers that interest them.


Career Visit: Bridal Make-up & Photography


Career Visit:  Barber Industry

- Oversea Tour

We believe global vision is one of the key elements for students’ all-rounded development. In each academic year, we will organize several overseas study tours for our students.


Taiwan Ming Chuan Career Employment Tour 2019


STEAM Tour to Japan 2019

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