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Alumni Story

Name: Afsar Bilal 

Graduation Year From HW2: 2016 

University: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Major: Sports Science and Physical Education

Afsar Bilal 2.jpeg
Afsar Bilal1.jpeg

"There have been so many difficult moments yet important and remarkable throughout my school life in Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo No.2 College).  I, myself, did not know how to speak English and Cantonese at all when I was admitted in this school in 2010 and thus, I struggled to connect with the school curriculum and the environment around. However, with the help of school teachers through mentorship, I managed to improve in different aspects, especially in academic and sports areas. 

Genuinely speaking, I am truly touched by how much my secondary school principal and teachers are concerned about us - they always stand by us and are eager to offer help anytime. This school is enriched not only with love and care, but also with extra-curricular activities, mentorship programs, scholarships and many more. No doubt, I faced challenges and obstacles from time to time but the school has given me chances to overcome my difficulties and sharpen my life skills for the future."

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